Why choosing a new theme?

Prestashop theme (or template) is the set of layout and functionalities that can be enabled for your ecommerce site. Prestashop is bundled with its own standard theme.

Change the design

If you have an e-commerce built on Prestashop, you can change your site's look and feel by creating a new theme according to your needs: it is an operation that requires specific technical skills and time.

Change the desing in minutes

There is a fast, economical yet professional solution to change the design of your e-commerce: just visit our Prestashop Themes: for each theme you can view features, images and try the online demo.

With a few clicks you can buy your favorite theme and install it in a few minutes.

A site with a good visual impact will make it more pleasant for users and potential customers.

So it is important to choose a good Prestashop theme style that enhances your products and services.

Quick and easy

Changing the design of your e-commerce Prestashop takes only a few minutes:

  1. Choose your Prestashop theme according to your need
  2. Buy your new theme and download our zip on your local computer (.zip format)
  3. Access the administration of your Prestashop site and install our zip
  4. Finish the configuration process as you like
  5. Your new site is ready to sell more!


The amount for each theme represents a very small investment especially if you think that, with a few tens of euros, you can equip your ecommerce with a new powerful design to better promote your products and get more conversions (purchases).


  • Each theme is designed and developed according to the official guidelines of Prestashop.
  • Each theme is sent to the staff of Prestashop which provides for a control: only in case of success, the theme appears in the official marketplace.
  • Each theme comes with an illustrated documentation to check that everything is ok .
  • We provide free support and the options Zen and Serenity for our Prestashop themes.

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