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What is PrestaShop ?

Prestashop is a powerful, complete and free platform for creating and managing ecommerce sites.
It is an excellent solution for all companies who want to create and run your own online store.

Technically it is a content Management System Software (CMS), open source and free, developed in PHP and running on MySQL database.


This CMS does not require buying licenses or usage fees costs unless you do not want to extend the functionalities with additional modules and/or change the appearance using Prestashop professional themes specifically developed. In this case there is a license "to pay one-off" for each additional module and theme.


You can use one of Prestashop services (free Cloud or paid partners) if you do not have the necessary technical expertise for the installation and configuration.
We recommend that you carefully read the conditions and limitations on the official website.
Prestashop Cloud, for example, does not lallow you to change the CMS source files so you can not make free customizations.

Installation on a web space

Of course you can also download Prestashop for free and install it on your web space.
It will have to comply with certain technical requirements currently summarized as following:
System: Unix, Linux or Windows. Unix is highly recommended.
Web server: Apache Web server 1.3 or later.
PHP 5.2 or later. You may have to activate PHP 5 (ask your hosting provider).
MySQL 5.0 or later.
At least 64 Mb of RAM on your server (128 Mb is more comfy, the more the better).

We suggest that you check the requirements in the official documentation and to ask your hosting provider.

What is a theme or template?

Prestashop theme (or template) is the set of layout and functionalities that can be enabled for your ecommerce site. Prestashop is bundled with its own standard theme.

Change the design

If you have an e-commerce built on Prestashop, you can change your site's look and feel by creating a new theme according to your needs: it is an operation that requires specific technical skills and time.

Change the desing in minutes

There is a fast, economical yet professional solution to change the design of your e-commerce: just visit our Prestashop Themes: for each theme you can view features, images and try the online demo.

With a few clicks you can buy your favorite theme and install it in a few minutes.

Our themes are developed to make every ecommerce highly professional, promote products and attract new customers.

All themes have been approved by the PrestaShop team and includes an illustrated guide that allows you to improve your ecommerce in minutes.
Browse our Prestashop themes archive.

What is a module?

A module is an additional extension that adds new features to your PrestaShop ecommerce.

Prestashop is a complete software with native tools and functionalities.
If your project requires additional customization, you can choose additional modules to purchase and install at  the official marketplace.

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