Colorful Websites

Colour is one of the elements that most attracts people.
A successful website is also the right combination of colours used.

All we give a certain meaning to colours and feel emotions: all that affects our perception.
That is called Colour Psychology and we must use them to achieve our goals.

When we develop a website we must take into our head to attract as much users as possible, catch their attention and suggest actions to do.
So using colours in the right way can make anything look all the more interesting.

The best solution is to use colours the meaning of which refers to content on our website.

Psychology of colour: some common colours


Blue is a cool colour: it recalls serenity and calm, friendliness and sociability.

Lighter blues can be used with bright and "pleasant" colours to get a "cartoon effect". Moreover, funny icons and fonts can be used toghether for websites ideal for child items.

For Happy Kids Prestashop theme for Kids and Babies, we used a lighter blue all over the background and added some elements (moon and stars) to improve a sense of calm.

Then we highlighted main informations using pleasant colours (green and orange) and funny fonts.


Green is a cool secondary colour: it recalls calm and optimism.

Green is the color of nature! So in this example we used green color to set our theme Happy Farm for Prestashop in a farm.

Just like written before, green colour has been used together with some other elements to attract users's attention: cools colours are balanced by hot colours used for titles and tooltips.

Moreover, to make this theme funny, there are moving hills and animals according mouse movements: it's called the Parallax Effect.

White, Black and Grey

White, Black and Grey are the so called no-colours.

White represents purity, elegance and simplicity.
Black elegance and modernity.
Gray is a neutral color representing elegancy and sobriety.

In the business world is the professional colour par excellence.

That's why these 3 colours are used to create an elegant and simple layout just like Linea theme for Prestashop ideal for jewelry, fashion, clothes, furniture.

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